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Stephen Pat Brown




Academy Award in Art

Stephen Brown - Self Portrait

"The small, powerful, and compelling paintings of Stephen Brown confront one with an unswerving directness and unnerving sense of inevitability. Brown's paintings are refreshingly and confrontationally figurative. The actuality of paint gleam and glint and the paintings are fulgent, the figures within them are perceived as though magically lit from within. The paintings project reality through the masterly manipulation of plasticity. To achieve a sense of monumentality using so small a scale reveals the achieving hand of the veritable artist."

American Academy of Arts and Letters, May 1994


Welcome to the website of realist painter Stephen P. Brown. Originally from Colorado, Stephen lived and worked in New Engalnd for over twenty-five years, until his untimely death in October, 2009. His art work is found throughout the United States in major public and private collections. During his artistic career, he worked in various sizes, ranging from the small, intimate scale mentioned above, to very large, life size paintings. Most of his work reproduced on this site were found in his studio and are in various stages of completion. These painting and drawings are available for purchase; for inquiries, go to "contact us". This site is a work in progress and will be update periodically.